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5 Pro tips to play on Dream11 or any other fantasy sport game

5 Pro tips to play on Dream11 or any other fantasy sport game

Know about Dream11

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Know About Dream11: 

You may have heard about Dream11 and have seen the promotion of it on TV as well, now it is promoted by former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, this is a mobile application and website that will help you towards your gaming knowledge can turn it into your daily income from home. If we talk about the most popular game in our country, then cricket is one such game which every Indian likes to watch and play.

Dream 11 is an online platform, you can download its mobile application. Along with cricket, you can play other fantasy games like kabaddi, baseball, football, hockey etc.

Popular Game In India :

Cricket is played and watched in great quantity in India, and the most popular tournament of the world, The IPL is also played in India, which shows its popularity in India. Dream 11 is a fantasy sports platform, from which you can create a fantasy team according to your skill, and make money. The Dream 11 platform is also a platform associated with cricket itself. A virtual fantasy game is played here. Dream 11 is a means of earning money along with entertainment.



This fantasy platform was founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavish Seth in 2008. Dream 11 has become the first Indian company to join the Unicorn Club since April 2019, and this year i.e. in 2020, this company got a chance to sponsor the IPL, this time the IPL is being played in UAE.


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Attention with information::

Today, like Dream11, many fantasy game applications have come, but Dream 11 has created a different place in the Indian market, it is not a matter of anyone to be left behind. The use of fantasy sports can give you benefits with your gaming knowledge, but one thing must be kept in mind that it should be used within a limit, due to excess greed we may have to suffer more losses.Because it is not necessary that we win every time, there is a chance of winning as well as losing. And because of playing too much, we also get addicted to it, which causes harm later.


How to play:

To play fantasy sports, you will have to install its application in your phone, after that you can register by filling some simple information. After registering, you can create your team by selecting the section of the game in it.


The right way to create a cricket team:

In order to create the right team on Dream 11 or other fantasy sport, it is necessary that you should have complete knowledge of the match that you want to play. For example, there should be information about the player's records in the match, about the current foam, etc. Also what is the pitch report of the ground in which the match is going to be held? The pitch is spin friendly or corresponds to fast bowling. Along with this, it is very important to keep the information of the weather report also.Only then select the players. To make a balance team, players of both teams have to be taken. For the best combination, the combination of 4 and 5 players is considered to be the best, and then according to your knowledge you can also combine 6 and 4. After this, the most important is to choose the captain and vice-captain.


How to choose captain and vice-captain:

While choosing the captain and vice-captain, keep in mind that what is the type of cricket match? It is T-20 or a one-day match or Test match, according to which the captain and vice-captain should be selected. If the match is T20, then most of the top order batsmen and all-rounders should be selected with the combination of captain and vice-captain.

And if there is an one day match, then according to your skill you should focus more on the all-rounders, along with it you can make a captain on any good bowler.


What is a point system?

The point system may vary from fantasy to sport. Therefore, before creating a team, you should definitely read the point system of that fantasy sport application and then only after that you should create the team according to the point system. If we talk about Dream 11, then both the bowler and the batsman have point system balance, so the bowler and batsman can also be equal in the team.


What type of league to start with:

According to me, if you are starting to play fantasy sport, then you start with Grand League in the beginning, as the experience of the game will continue, then you can also play small league. And you can earn more by investing money in Grand League.


Is it necessary to play on Dream 11:

It is not absolutely necessary, in addition to this, there are many applications, you can play there as well, but today Dream 11 has become a brand, the most trusted gaming app of the people, hence the maximum traffic of the logo is on it.


Is it necessary to play every match?

 There is no hurry or no need to play in every match, because playing without a match without knowing it is not necessary to give you a benefit every time, you may have to suffer a lot of damage. The match in which you have complete information and full time, only play the match to make a team in the match, otherwise you can skip.

Points Always To Be Kept In Your Mind :

1. Make a plan in advance of daily investment

2- Always put money in the limit that you can adjust in case of loss.

3- If you have money other than to meet your daily needs, then invest.

4- Do not spend money from anyone, there is no guarantee of coming back in fantasy sport

5 - If you lose too much distance should be made for some time 

6 - In the condition of winning, do not spend much money in emotions

7 - And the most important thing is to keep the peace in the condition of defeat or victory, do not take any risky steps.

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